The company Echle Exakt introduces itself

The company Echle Exakt GmbH is a medium-sized company, which originated from the company Echle Hartstahl.
Echle Hartstahl GmbH has been involved in municipal services, trench and banquet regulation and evacuation for several decades.
The head office is located in the small Black Forest town of Wolfach, where, in addition to the office for administration, the building yard including the machine hall is also located..

Our Team

Manfred Rißen

Managing Director

+49(0)7834 8655916

Lothar Echle

Managing Director

+49(0)7834 865590

Nathalie Armbruster

Office Management

+49(0)7834 8655923

Tamara Armbruster

Administrative assistant

+49(0)7834 8655916

Bernd Klein

Marion Echle

Personnel management

+49(0)7834 8655916

Hans Ruppert

Construction management

+49(0)171 8244985

Jan Dentel

Construction management/Calculator

+49(0)171 4246130

Daniel Rakonjic-Skrebo

Construction management

+49(0)175 4644220

Iulian Corneliu Apetroae